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In February 2022, Fabian Möller and Niko Gülle present Dirk Heinz (centre) with a donation to the HZI from the FC Sportfreunde Rautheim Charity Cup.

From digital strategies for infection management to diagnostic tools for vaccine development: Scientists at the HZI are involved in numerous projects to fight the novel corona virus. With your personal donation, you can support our research.

At the HZI, we have focused our existing virological, chemical and epidemiological expertise on the management of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. To this end, our researchers are pursuing innovative approaches to developing active substances and vaccines against the virus, as well as deciphering the mechanisms of disease development and progression.

You can support our researchers in this effort. With your personal donation, you can help fight the coronavirus pandemic and promote the development of new ways of treatment, prevention and diagnostics.

There are many ways to donate: You can support our scientists in general, or contribute to selected research projects. If you would like to find out about funding opportunities and discuss the support of your personal project, we look forward to hearing from you.

Like all infectious diseases, the current coronavirus pandemic can be combated more effectively the better we understand the pathogen and its effects on humans. With your donation, you can make an important contribution to this.

Prof. Dirk Heinz, Scientific Director of the HZI.

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Katrin MacLeod
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