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The publications database contains over 9.200 articles from HZI staff (formerly GBF) starting with year 2000. Only journal articles and book chapters are included. You won´t find lectures, posters etc. herein.

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  • Authors: Kepdieu Tchebou,R.V.; Eckhardt,P.; Kemkuignou,B.M.; Tchuenguem,R.; Fouedjou,R.T.; Ponou,B.K.; Dzoyem,J.P.; Teponno,R.B.; Barboni,L.; Opatz,T.; Tapondjou,L.A.; ( Year: 2022). Title: A dinorcassane-type diterpene and a steroidal saponin from Distemonanthus benthamianus Baill. (Caesalpiniaceae).Journal: Phytochemistry Letters Volume: 48 Issue: April 2022, S-Page: 62- E-Page: 67 DOI: 10.1016/j.phytol.2022.02.001WEBURLS
  • Authors: Bartuli,J.; Lorenzi,I.; Backes,S.; Grimm,C.; Fischer,U.; ( Year: 2022). Title: A generic protocol for the affinity-purification of native macromolecular complexes from poxvirus-infected cells.Journal: STAR.Protoc. Volume: 3 Issue: 1, S-Page: 101116 DOI: 10.1016/j.xpro.2021.101116HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Kummer,D.; Steinbacher,T.; Thölmann,S.; Schwietzer,M.F.; Hartmann,C.; Horenkamp,S.; Demuth,S.; Peddibhotla,S.S.D.; Brinkmann,F.; Kemper,B.; Schnekenburger,J.; Brandt,M.; Betz,T.; Liashkovich,I.; Kouzel,I.U.; Shahin,V.; Corvaia,N.; Rottner,K.; Tarbashevich,K.; Raz,E.; Greune,L.; Schmidt,M.A.; Gerke,V.; Ebnet,K.; ( Year: 2022). Title: A JAM-A-tetraspanin- anb 5 integrin complex regulates contact inhibition of locomotion.Journal: J Cell Biol. Volume: 221 Issue: 4, S-Page: e202105147 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.202105147HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Wimmer,F.; Englert,F.; Beisel,C.L.; ( Year: 2022). Title: A TXTL-Based Assay to Rapidly Identify PAMs for CRISPR-Cas Systems with Multi-Protein Effector Complexes.Book Title: Cell-Free Gene Expression Publisher: Springer, S-Page: 391- E-Page: 411 DOI: 10.1007/978-1-0716-1998-8_24PubMed
  • Authors: Seiler,L.K.; Phung,N.L.; Nikolin,C.; Immenschuh,S.; Erck,C.; Kaufeld,J.; Haller,H.; Falk,C.S.; Jonczyk,R.; Lindner,P.; Thoms,S.; Siegl,J.; Mayer,G.; Feederle,R.; Blume,C.A.; ( Year: 2022). Title: An Antibody-Aptamer-Hybrid Lateral Flow Assay for Detection of CXCL9 in Antibody-Mediated Rejection after Kidney Transplantation.Journal: Diagn. Volume: 12 Issue: 2, S-Page: Article number 308 DOI: 10.3390/diagnostics12020308HZI repositoryWEBURLS
  • Authors: Bousis,S.; Winkler,S.; Haupenthal,J.; Fulco,F.; Diamanti,E.; Hirsch,A.K.H.; ( Year: 2022). Title: An Efficient Way to Screen Inhibitors of Energy-Coupling Factor (ECF) Transporters in a Bacterial Uptake Assay.Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences Volume: 23 Issue: 5, S-Page: Article number 2637 DOI: 10.3390/ijms23052637HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Froese,N.; Cordero,J.; Abouissa,A.; Trogisch,F.A.; Grein,S.; Szaroszyk,M.; Wang,Y.; Gigina,A.; Korf-Klingebiel,M.; Bosnjak,B.; Davenport,C.F.; Wiehlmann,L.; Geffers,R.; Riechert,E.; Jürgensen,L.; Boileau,E.; Lin,Y.; Dieterich,C.; Förster,R.; Bauersachs,J.; Ola,R.; Dobreva,G.; Völkers,M.; Heineke,J.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Analysis of myocardial cellular gene expression during pressure overload reveals matrix based functional intercellular communication.Journal: iScience Volume: 25 Issue: 3, S-Page: Article number 103965 DOI: 10.1016/j.isci.2022.103965HZI repositoryWEBURLS
  • Authors: Drost,M.; Diamanti,E.; Fuhrmann,K.; Goes,A.; Shams,A.; Haupenthal,J.; Koch,M.; Hirsch,A.K.H.; Fuhrmann,G.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Bacteriomimetic liposomes improve antibiotic activity of a novel energy-coupling factor transporter inhibitor.Journal: Pharmaceutics Volume: 14 Issue: 1, S-Page: Article number 4 DOI: 10.3390/pharmaceutics14010004HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Waltl,I.; Kalinke,U.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Beneficial and detrimental functions of microglia during viral encephalitis.Journal: Trends Neurosci. Volume: 45 Issue: 2, S-Page: 158- E-Page: 170 DOI: 10.1016/j.tins.2021.11.004HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Nyirenda,J.L.Z.; Wagner,D.; Ngwira,B.; Lange,B.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Bidirectional screening and treatment outcomes of diabetes mellitus (DM) and Tuberculosis (TB) patients in hospitals with measures to integrate care of DM and TB and those without integration measures in Malawi.Journal: BMC.Infect.Dis. Volume: 22 Issue: 1, S-Page: 28 DOI: 10.1186/s12879-021-07017-3HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Staar,M.; Henke,S.; Blankenfeldt,W.; Schallmey,A.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Biocatalytically Active and Stable Cross-Linked Enzyme Crystals of Halohydrin Dehalogenase HheG by Protein Engineering.Journal: ChemCatChem DOI: 10.1002/cctc.202200145HZI repositoryWEBURLS
  • Authors: Hauptstein,N.; Meinel,L.; Lühmann,T.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Bioconjugation strategies and clinical implications of Interferon-bioconjugates.Journal: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics Volume: 172 Issue: March 2022, S-Page: 157- E-Page: 167 DOI: 10.1016/j.ejpb.2022.02.006PubMed
  • Authors: Steffan,S.M.; Shakeri,G.; Kehrenberg,C.; Peh,E.; Rohde,M.; Plötz,M.; Kittler,S.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Campylobacter Bacteriophage Cocktail Design Based on an Advanced Selection Scheme.Journal: Antibiotics Volume: 11 Issue: 2, S-Page: Article number 228 DOI: 10.3390/antibiotics11020228HZI repositoryWEBURLS
  • Authors: Michel,A.M.; Borrero-de Acuna,J.M.; Molinari,G.; Ünal,C.M.; Will,S.; Derksen,E.; Barthels,S.; Bartram,W.; Schrader,M.; Rohde,M.; Zhang,H.; Hoffmann,T.; Neumann-Schaal,M.; Bremer,E.; Jahn,D.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Cellular adaptation of Clostridioides difficile to high salinity encompasses a compatible solute-responsive change in cell morphology.Journal: Environmental Microbiology DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.15925HZI repositoryWEBURLS
  • Authors: Cokaric Brdovcak,M.; Materljan,J.; Sustic,M.; Ravlic,S.; Ruzic,T.; Lisnic,B.; Miklic,K.; Brizic,I.; Matesic,M.P.; Lisnic,V.J.; Halassy,B.; Roncevic,D.; Knezevic,Z.; Stefan,L.; Bertoglio,F.; Schubert,M.; Cicin-Sain,L.; Markotic,A.; Jonjic,S.; Krmpotic,A.; ( Year: 2022). Title: ChAdOx1-S adenoviral vector vaccine applied intranasally elicits superior mucosal immunity compared to the intramuscular route of vaccination.Journal: Eur J Immunol DOI: 10.1002/eji.202249823PubMed
  • Authors: Ahsendorf,H.P.; Diesterbeck,U.S.; Hotop,S.K.; Winkler,M.; Brönstrup,M.; Czerny,C.P.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Characterisation of an Anti-Vaccinia Virus F13 Single Chain Fragment Variable from a Human Anti-Vaccinia Virus-Specific Recombinant Immunoglobulin Library.Journal: Viruses Volume: 14 Issue: 2, S-Page: Article number 197 DOI: 10.3390/v14020197WEBURLS
  • Authors: Welke,R.W.; Sperber,H.S.; Bergmann,R.; Koikkarah,A.; Menke,L.; Sieben,C.; Krüger,D.H.; Chiantia,S.; Herrmann,A.; Schwarzer,R.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Characterization of Hantavirus N Protein Intracellular Dynamics and Localization.Journal: Viruses Volume: 14 Issue: 3, S-Page: Article number 457 DOI: 10.3390/v14030457HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Haas,D.; Hauptstein,N.; Dirauf,M.; Driessen,M.D.; Ruopp,M.; Schubert,U.S.; Lühmann,T.; Meinel,L.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Chemo-Enzymatic PEGylation/POxylation of Murine Interleukin-4.Journal: Bioconjug.Chem. Volume: 33 Issue: 1, S-Page: 97- E-Page: 104 DOI: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.1c00495HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Torres,I.; Sippy,R.; Bardosh,K.L.; Bhargava,R.; Lotto-Batista,M.; Bideaux,A.E.; Garcia-Trabanino,R.; Goldsmith,A.; Narsipur,S.S.; Stewart-Ibarra,A.M.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Chronic kidney disease in Ecuador: An epidemiological and health system analysis of an emerging public health crisis.Journal: PLoS ONE Volume: 17 Issue: 3, S-Page: Article number e0265395 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0265395HZI repositoryPubMed
  • Authors: Kalinke,U.; Barouch,D.H.; Rizzi,R.; Lagkadinou,E.; Türeci,Ö; Pather,S.; Neels,P.; ( Year: 2022). Title: Clinical development and approval of COVID-19 vaccines.Journal: Expert.Rev.Vaccines. DOI: 10.1080/14760584.2022.2042257HZI repositoryPubMed

Results 1 to 20 of total 9542

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