Our Research

Together with 100 guest scientists from all over the world, our researchers collaborate in selected Research Foci to address urgent problems of high clinical relevance. With sophisticated laboratory techniques they observe pathogens and immune cells during the moment of infection. They analyse the molecular structure of the “weapons” that pathogens utilize to invade a host cell – and develop methods to defuse them. They seek for substances from nature or lab that neutralize pathogens, prevent infections or are even able to cure them. They use high tech analytical devices and study the processes of infections in cell culture, in mice, in complex computer simulations, in individuals, groups of patients and whole populations – for a healthier future.

The programme Infection Research

The development of efficient strategies against infections requires a deep understanding of the complex interactions between pathogen and patient, with an eye towards possible treatment options. The structure of the programme Infection Research reflects this requirement. It aims to achieve detailed knowledge on the levels of host, pathogen and treatment or prevention.

Consequently, the HZI Programme Infection Research is organized in three integrated Topics, providing expertise on pathogens, immune system and anti-infective drugs, respectively.


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