One Health Surveillance

The One Health Surveillance Core Unit facilitates the comprehensive long-term collection of samples and data on human, animal and environmental health. This sample collection serves as the basis for research in HIOH‘s departments, as well as for collaboration with our partners.

Dr Fee Zimmermann


Dr Fee Zimmermann
Research Group Leader

Our Research

The One Health Surveillance (OHS) core unit collects comprehensive longitudinal background data and stores samples on human, animal and environmental health. These data form the basis for in-depth studies by HIOH’s three research departments as well as for collaborative projects with our partners.

The OHS core unit works in two priority regions: Firstly, in the African tropics along population density gradients, from forests to neighboring villages to large cities; areas characterized in part by high biodiversity, but also by substantial ecological change. On the other hand, building on local projects and cohort studies (e.g. SHIP - Study of Health in Pomerania), the OHS is becoming active on HIOH’s doorstep in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV). MV is a region characterized by a rather low population density and intensive agricultural land use.

Third-party funded comparative studies complement these OHS core activities. The resulting additional data allow not only for more global analyses but also create opportunities for increased global and local knowledge transfer.