Alliance of Science Organisations condemns anti-democratic endeavours

In a joint statement, the organisations emphasise the importance of a strong democracy and an open society for Germany's future viability

As Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany, we emphatically condemn all and any anti-democratic and inhumane endeavours. We vehemently reject the racist statements that have circulated in recent weeks. They are in no way compatible with the values of our organisations. United, we oppose them in the clearest possible terms.

The many protests throughout Germany are an impressive demonstration of the deep solidarity in our society. We regard the clear commitment of the many people who are visibly standing up for the fundamental values of our democracy at this time as an enormously encouraging sign.

This is because an open society and a strong democracy build the foundation for our future. We are now all called upon to work with perseverance and a strong commitment to preserve this foundation. There can be no room for intolerance and xenophobia in Germany. The science organisations in particular must advocate an open, reasoned culture of debate and work to overcome social divisions.

In order to jointly solve the major challenges of our time, we need a broad diversity of talent and ideas. This premise applies unreservedly to the entire scientific spectrum, from fundamental research to the transfer of newly-won insights to business and society: international talent is an essential pillar of our system of innovation. The development of sustainable solutions can only succeed through international exchange and with employees and students who come to us in large numbers from abroad. Anyone who marginalises people, or even wishes to deport them, is therefore not only acting in an appallingly inhumane manner and is oblivious to history, but is also acting to destroy Germany’s future viability.

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Susanne Thiele

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Susanne Thiele
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