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Biotechnological School Lab Braunschweig (BioS)

Pupils in the BioS
Pupils in the Biotechnological School Lab Braunschweig (BioS)

The Biotechnological School Lab Braunschweig has been open to pupils in grades 11 to 13 since spring 2002. It offers the opportunity to learn about basic biotechnological methods through their own experiments. 

Insights into the research facilities in the Braunschweig region open up access to current biotechnological problems and also arouse interest in their own scientific research. Experimental courses in the school laboratory are also intended to provide the accompanying teachers with help and suggestions for organizing their lessons. BioS thus sees itself as a bridge between school and research.

The Biotechnological Student Laboratory Braunschweig sees itself as a bridge between school, university and research.

HZI Student Lexicon

What turns bacteria or viruses into pathogens? Why are some people particularly sensitive, while others are resistant to infections? How can we intervene in infection processes? How can we transfer our findings to application in humans? The HZI deals with these and similar questions. The lexicon (in German language) explains infection research terms and is intended to help people better understand the HZI's research work.