HZI Seminar Series: Andres Floto

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16:15 Uhr
HZI Campus

Pathogenic evolution of bacteria

We welcome Prof Andres Floto, University of Cambridge, Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator, and Research Director of the Cambridge Centre for Lung Infection at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, to the HZI Seminar Series. He is hosted by Susanne Häußler.

The evolution of environmental bacteria into specialised lung pathogens is poorly understood. We have investigated this process by combining population-level bacterial genomics, transcriptomics, and muti-dimentional phenotyping to reveal a number of key steps in pathogenic evolution that are generalisable across bacterial species. Our work has revealed novel pathogen biology, actionable intelligence to protect patients, and has provided insights into host susceptibility factors and novel therapeutic strategies. I will use Mycobacterium abscessus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa as case studies to illustrate these processes.

Portrait Susanne Häussler


Prof. Dr. Susanne Häußler