Cytolabs Symposium

21.05.24 - 23.05.24
HZI Campus

Cytochalasans: Actin and beyond

The interdisciplinary DFG-funded Research Unit “Cytolabs” is holding a conference at the HZI from May 21-23, 2024. The project deals with Cytochalasans, fungal metabolites that that exhibit profound biological effects. In particular, they are known to bind to actin, the key protein component of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton. The CytoLabs project aims to understand these effects in vivo and in vitro, and to produce new and known cytochalasans by chemical synthesis, biosynthetic engineering, and fermentation. As the compounds also show potential as e.g. biofilm inhibitors and antivirals, their alternative molecular targets and the development of new molecular tools to study these processes in vivo are also being studied. In addition, some aspects of the project concern the chemotaxonomic significance of cytochalasans and their ecological roles in nature.

The organisers have invited various prominent guest speakers from around the world and will also present their own highlights. All interested people are cordially invited to attend! There are no conference fees, but registration is mandatory!

Keynote Speakers

  • Serge Mostowy (London, UK)
  • Olga Genilloud (Granada, ESP)
  • Pekka Lappalainen (Helsinki, FI)