20. - 22.10.2011


Establishment and Control of Chronic Infections

    Many pathogens coevolved with their host thus establishing a complicated balance between the host response and pathogen evasion mechanisms.The objective of this year’s symposium is to provide deeper insight into the host pathogen interplay. Examples of bacterial as well as viral pathogens will be discussed. An improved understanding of the interaction between host and pathogen mechanisms may yield new targets for therapeutic intervention. A particular feature of this symposium is the combination of basic research projects from SFB900 with more translational projects from TWINCORE. Furthermore, several members of the Scientific Advisory Board of TWINCORE will share their view of translational research. Finally, other distinguished experts in their fields from abroad will give talks.   

    We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hannover. 


    20. - 22.10.2011


    Hannover, Twincore Lecture Hall



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