03.11.2014, 11:15

Special Seminar "Combatting the threat of antimicrobial resistance"

Warn und Payne

    It is widely agreed that the perfect storm of rapidly increasing antimicrobial resistance and shortage of new antimicrobial agents needs to be addressed urgently. In this presentation Lloyd and Peter will first briefly describe the anti-microbial drug discovery services that Evotec has to offer and Evotec’s innovative approach to partnering. Using worked examples they will describe the translation of early in vitro data, through preliminary animal models to sophisticated PKPD models, which are required to prepare a novel compound for regulatory submission and also support dose prediction for subsequent clinical trials.


    03.11.2014, 11:15


    Helmholtz Zentrum für Infektionsforschung, Braunschweig

    Gebäude und Raum

    Forum, X1.04


    Dr. Peter Warn

    Dr. Llyod Payne

    Euprotec Ltd.
    Manchester, United Kingdom


    Thomas Hesterkamp, DZIF

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