08.09.2011, 17:00

Nanoporous Silicon and Silica based Materials for Pharmaceutical and Therapeutical Applications

HIPS Kolloquium

    During the last 20 years nanoporous (mesoporous) materials, e.g., silica, silicon, and to lesser extent titanium, have been extensively investigated as possible carriers for controlled drug delivery purposes. The great benefits of these materials are their high surface areas and pore volumes with tunable pore sizes and easily functionalized pore surface properties, which allows high drug payloads and from very rapid to slow release kinetics for the improved drug dissolution applications on one hand, and sustained controlled drug release formulations on the other.

    The presentation focuses on recent research on the exploitation of nanoporous silicon and silica based nanomaterials for the controlled drug release applications of drugs and peptides/proteins. In particular, fabrication processes of these materials, drug loadings and drug release profiles and mechanisms, as well as further functionalization of the porous surface structures of the materials are surveyed. Several examples of drug delivery formulations, together with drug release mechanisms, such as sustained release and stimuli-responsive controlled-release, are also presented herein. Safety (toxicity, oxidative stress, and inflammatory response) and biocompatibility of these novel drug delivery materials are important for pharmaceutical applications. Obviously, demonstration of in vivo functionality and efficacy are needed for the proof-of-concept of these nanomaterials.


    08.09.2011, 17:00


    Universität des Saarlandes, Campus, Geb. B2.1, Hörsaal 02


    Jouni Hirvonen, University of Helsinki


    Claus-Michael Lehr (HIPS-DDEL)

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