22.09.2008, 10:30

ImageStream® Cytometry: Applications of High Speed High Content Image Analysis of Cells in Suspension

    The ImageStream from Amnis performs high speed high resolution multspectral imaging of

    cells in flow. Six simultaneous fluorescent, brightfield, and darkfield images can be

    generated from every cell at speeds > 100 cells/ second, broadening the applications of

    traditional imaging techniques to include the quantitative analysis of rare cells in primary

    samples. The benefits of this technology will be brought out in this seminar and include:


    - The ability to identify and objectively quantify events happening on, within or between cells

    - Elimination of false positive and false negative events

    - Evaluation of morphological changes in cells


    Applications include:

    Nuclear translocation

    Internalization and organelle trafficking

    Cell classification

    Receptor capping


    T cell / APC conjugates

    Shape Change

    Cell cycle and mitosis




    The seminar will include a description of the technology, application data, and a emonstration of the IDEAS™ data analysis software package.


    22.09.2008, 10:30


    HZI Forum X0.13a


    Brian Hall


    Dr. Lothar Groebe

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