30 November 2016 – 2 December 2016

Genetic Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

Kathrin Schuldt

A Hands-on Workshop

The workshop provides an overview of genetic epidemiology in the context of infectious diseases. Topics covered in the workshop include biological principles of genetics and statistical basics with a special focus on hands-on experience, i.e. sample size estimation, statistical analysis of genetic association studies and epidemiological interpretation of results. Participation in this workshop will enable studentsto plan and conduct genetic association studies by applying specialized software packages such as plink.

The workshop is complete – no more applications please.

Further information is found in the PDF.


30 November 2016 – 2 December 2016


HZI Campus


Kathrin Schuldt
Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Berlin

Learning objectives

  • Understand fundamental concepts of genetic epidemiology including biological and statistical aspects
  • Comprehend the role of genetics in infectious disease epidemiology
  • Understand methodologies applied in epidemiologic genetic studies
  • Conduct sample size calculations for genetic association studies
  • Conduct genetic association studies based on a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis and a genome-wide association approach
  • Understand current limitations of genetic studies in infectious disease epidemiology


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