27-29 August 2018

BioBarriers 2018

12th International Conference and Workshop on Biological Barriers

The 12th International Conference and Workshop on Biological Barriers is an international scientific event, organized every two years and receiving constantly 200+ registered attendees from all over the world.

    In the focus of BioBarriers 2018 are human cell and tissue models for facilitating clinical translation of new drugs and delivery systems, especially in the context of infectious diseases. Moreover, we will discuss innovative concepts and materials, also capable to overcome non-cellular diffusion barriers such as mucus or bacterial biofilms, concluding the conference with sessions on extracellular vesicles and advanced nanomedicines for non-invasive delivery of macromolecular biopharmaceuticals.

    The program combines:

    • not less than 30 international experts presenting their views and latest results
    • exclusive opportunities for contributed oral presentations in all sessions
    • poster sessions and guided tours
    • industry exhibition – selected companies present their latest technologies

    Programm Chairs and Organizers:

    • Prof. Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr
    • Dr. Nicole Schneider-Daum
    • Dr. Brigitta Loretz
    • Dr. Gregor Fuhrmann

    For further information visit www.hips.saarland/biobarriers.


    27-29 August 2018


    Saarbrücken, Germany

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