07.03.2016, 09:15

BioBarriers 2016

Biological Barriers

11th Conference and Workshop on Biological Barriers

The 11th edition of the biennial Conference and Workshop on Biological Barriers provides an internationally well recognized scientific event. The focus is on the body`s outer epithelia (skin, lung, intestinal mucosa) and advanced drug delivery systems, preferentially for non-invasive administration via the aforementioned routes. Nanomedicine, but also nanotoxicology, and cell- and tissue-based in vitro models – including their potential as alternatives to animal testing – are major aspects of the program.

  • International experts presenting their views and latest results
  • Opportunities for contributed oral presentations in all sessions
  • Interactive workshops on Good Scientific Practice and Bibliometrics
  • Poster exhibition

The official website with further information and registration forms can be found here.


07.03.2016, 09:15


Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland/ HIPS and Saarland University

Gebäude und Raum

Starterzentrum, Gebäude A1 1, 66123 Saarbrücken


Prof. Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr

Prof. Dr. Ulrich F. Schäfer

Prof. Dr. Marc Schneider

Dr. Nicole Schneider-Daum

Dr. Brigitta Loretz

Dr. Maike Windbergs

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