Mission Statement of the HZI

At the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), we investigate how bacterial and viral pathogens cause infectious diseases. In line with the mission of the Helmholtz Association, our research has a translational orientation. In this way, the knowledge we gain forms the basis for the development of novel diagnostics, therapies and vaccines against infectious diseases.

Committed to fighting infectious diseases

The HZI pursues long-term research goals as part of the Helmholtz Association. The guideline for our work is our interdisciplinary research programme, in which we commit ourselves to specific goals that are regularly evaluated. The benefits of our research activities for patients and society are of great importance. The HZI is an exclusively non-profit research institution.

The HZI stands for:

1. Excellent & interdisciplinary infection research

We offer both young and experienced scientists an excellent international environment with outstanding career opportunities. With our broad expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructures and supporting administration, we facilitate long-term translational cutting-edge research to enable significant progress in the fight against infectious diseases. 

2. Strength through partnership 

We collaborate with renowned national and international research institutions, universities and industry partners, sharing knowledge, resources and personnel for mutual benefit.

3. Knowledge and technology transfer

We inform the public in a well-founded and comprehensible way about findings and innovations from basic research and their potential benefits for medicine and society. In addition, we provide knowledge-based advice for politics, business and society. We enable and promote the transfer of our research results into application.

4. Responsibility and transparency

The freedom of research and its predominantly public funding commit us to special social responsibility. We handle the resources entrusted to us transparently and carefully and work according to the principles of good scientific practice.

5. Young talent and work-life balance

We attach great importance to talent management and promotion in all areas of the centre. In particular, we support mothers and fathers on parental leave and facilitate their successful return from parental leave through targeted career support, flexible working hours and childcare services. We aim for equal representation in management positions. 

6. Diversity and equal opportunities

We stand for diversity in all dimensions, cooperation, respect and coexistence based on fundamental democratic values. In order to create and secure equal opportunities, we strive to treat each other with respect and sensitivity and continuously seek to remove barriers and actively protect against discrimination. We make a special effort towards foreign employees. We also support the integration of people with disabilities in job training and employment. 

7. Healthy work, motivation and training

Our employees are the HZI's most important resource. Their well-being and productivity are the basic prerequisites for motivation and creativity. We provide a working environment in which our employees have the opportunity to work in a self-determined, flexible and healthy way and to further their education. At the same time, we provide each employee with an in-house health promotion programme. 

8. Sustainability

We shape research as well as all supporting structures according to the current requirements of sustainability and development. Similarly, we attach great importance to high standards of occupational safety, health and environmental protection for our employees.


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