Locations of the Helmholtz Centre

The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research is located throughout Germany. In addition to the main campus in Braunschweig, there are facilities in 4 other cities: Hamburg, Hanover, Saarbrücken and Würzburg.

Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI)

The HIRI was established in May 2017 as a partnership between the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) and the Julius-Maximilian-University of Würzburg (JMU). HIRI is the first research institution worldwide bridging the fields of RNA biology and infectious disease.


Helmholtz-Institut für RNA-basierte Infektionsforschung
Josef-Schneider-Straße 2
Gebäude D15
97080 Würzburg

Tel.: 0931 31-89587 

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