Friends of the HZI – Focused support for Infection Research

World Class research demands concentrated and focused support. To be internationally successful, adequate financial resources and a supportive environment are both important. This applies also to the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI). Scientists at the HZI study the mechanisms involved in infectious diseases and host defense. They systematically translate the results of basic research into clinical applications. The Friends of the HZI make an important contribution to these efforts.

As a member of the association ”Friends of the HZI” you support the HZI both ideally and financially:

You will be in close contact with the network of the HZI-Alumni and you can support HZI members with your experience. This is of great help to  scientists to expand their global contacts. With your financial contribution you help us to support the promotion of young researchers, networking and knowledge transfer. Any additional donations are always welcome and are - like the membership fee - tax deductible.

The association “Friends of the HZI” regularly informs you about the latest developments in our institute. You are invited to all events of the association in person. In this way you maintain direct contact with the scientists of the institute and keep up to date with all scientific questions that are dealt with at the HZI.

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