Dr Enge Sudarman

    Enge Sudarman


    +49 531 6181-4239


    Curriculum Vitae

    since February  2012
    Post Doctorate Researcher in the department of Microbial Drugs, Helmholtz Center for Infection Research


    • Isolation and structure elucidation of secondary metabolites of myxobacteria and actinomycetes
    • Analysis and isolation of fungal pigments in fruit-bodies

    June 2007
    Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry

    Thesis: Design, synthesis and analysis of bindings characteristics from inhibitors of interaction of viral Interleukin-6 with the cytokine receptor gp130

    July 2002 - Dec. 2006

    PhD student in the group of Conformational Protein-Ligand Interaction, Helmholtz Center for Infection Research, Braunschweig

    June 2001 - Dec. 2001
    Study of English Language, Bristol, England

    April  2001
    Second state examination and probation as a Food Chemist

    April 2000 – March 2001
    Practical  year for Food Chemists, State Government Laboratories in Braunschweig and Lüneburg

    1995 - 2000
    Studies of Food Chemistry, TU Braunschweig
    First state examination

    1994 - 1995
    Niedersächsisches  Studienkolleg, Hannover

    1992 - 1993
    Study of Chemical Engineering at Tung Hai University, Taiwan