Dr Azadeh Ghanbari

    Azadeh Ghanbari


    +49 531 391-55218


    Curriculum Vitae

    After getting my MSc of Physics (Optics) from Zanjan University, in Iran, I started my PhD in TU Darmstadt on April 2009. Under the supervision of Prof. Müller-Plathe in Theoretical Physical Chemistry Group, I was performing computer simulations on nanocomposites, using Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics method. Three years later I joined Prof. Meyer-Hermann's group in Systems Immunology (SIMM) department of HZI, where I started computer modeling of bacterial biofilm development.


    The formation of bacterial biofilm is responsible for severe diseases. Development and evolution of biofilm, as a system, depends mainly on the interaction of the cells, as agents, with each other and also with the environment. We develop agent-based models and investigate how the biofilm structure depends on the cooperation and / or competition of the bacteria, as interplay of their social and individual interests. We benefit from a close collaboration with experimentalists within HZI, where ultimately the computational and experimental results can be compared and / or inspired by each other.


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