Mouse Pathology

Histology is the science of tissues and pathology. In a sense, it is also the science of diseases and their pathogenesis. The major concern of histologists working in our service unit is helping other HZI researchers make this connection and work out the details of the relationship between histological changes at the tissue level and the infectious diseases they are studying.

Unsere Forschung

The Mouse Pathology service unit is the point of contact for different HZI projects and research groups whose work involves histological analysis of murine tissues or requires pathological expertise. Often times, while performing a thorough histopathological examination, the HZI histologists are the first to glimpse the infectious disease process, which gives them a starting point for further investigation. 

Many of the HZI research projects involve infection experiments on mice to allow for the in-depth study of the host’s defense system using genetically modified and mutant murine strains. The Mouse Pathology service unit offers a range of centralised and customisable service options and the relevant infrastructure all rolled into one. HZI scientists are welcome to take advantage of the whole range of services we offer – from embedding the tissue samples, to cutting, staining, and archiving them, all the way to their histopathological analysis. Alternatively, researchers may also use our histology facilities and equipment to perform some of the work themselves.

Our experts routinely prepare paraffin-embedded histological slides using cryostats and stain the specimens using traditional histochemical techniques. We also offer a wide range of immuno-histochemical analytical techniques for studying the behavior of immune cells during infection and inflammation in the mouse model. 

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