Central Facility for Microscopy

Light microscopy and electron microscopy are excellent high resolution tools to investigate the adhesion and invasion mechanisms of pathogenic bacteria. High resolution electron microscopy permits to examine and unravel pathogenicity mechanisms on a morphological basis.ZEIM offers equipment and highly sophisticated expertise for the preparation and observation of biological samples.

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Our Research

In addition to the facility services we participate and are involved in research collaborations, providing our input towards the imaging aspect of the work; performing the related experiments, image acquisition and documentation. Our strong team has a wide range of microbiological expertise. In the past, we contributed to pioneering work in streptococcal research and at present, we continue to be involved in the field through exceptional and well-established cooperations. Furthermore, the Gram-negative pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the focus of different ongoing research projects. The visualization of the effects of antimicrobials in biofilm-growing bacterial communities by several microscopic techniques is an important topic under development in our facility. 


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