Mouse Pathology

Histology is the science of tissues and pathology. In a sense, it is also the science of diseases and their pathogenesis. The major concern of histologists working in our service unit is helping other HZI researchers make this connection and work out the details of the relationship between histological changes at the tissue level and the infectious diseases they are studying.


Selected Publications

Pezoldt, J., et al., Impact of CCR7 on T-Cell Response and Susceptibility to Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Infection. J Infect Dis, 2017. 216(6): p. 752-760.

Plaza-Sirvent, C., et al., c-FLIP Expression in Foxp3-Expressing Cells Is Essential for Survival of Regulatory T Cells and Prevention of Autoimmunity. Cell Rep, 2017. 18(1): p. 12-22.

Perner, F., et al., Specificity of JAK-kinase inhibition determines impact on human and murine T-cell function. Leukemia, 2016. 30(4): p. 991-5.

Blazejewski, A.J., et al., Microbiota Normalization Reveals that Canonical Caspase-1 Activation Exacerbates Chemically Induced Intestinal Inflammation. Cell Rep, 2017. 19(11): p. 2319-2330.

Schuster, M., et al., c-REL and IkappaBNS Govern Common and Independent Steps of Regulatory T Cell Development from Novel CD122-Expressing Pre-Precursors. J Immunol, 2017. 199(3): p. 920-930.

Complete publication list

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