Mouse Pathology

Histology is the science of tissues and pathology. In a sense, it is also the science of diseases and their pathogenesis. The major concern of histologists working in our service unit is helping other HZI researchers make this connection and work out the details of the relationship between histological changes at the tissue level and the infectious diseases they are studying.


Our service

Customized histo- pathology work for your research:

  • Blinded and randomized histo-pathological evaluation (scores) specifically designed for your research question inclusive the interpretation and illustration of your data (approx. 50 projects per year) 
  • More than 100 antigen specific staining methods for bright field and fluorescence microscopy as single or double staining 
  • We establish staining methods upon your demand. 
  • Animal and human tissues as well as cytological samples and even cell cultures can be processed. 

Overview of our technical services:

  • Fixation using Formaldehyde, Ethanol-Carnoy, HOPE 
  • Tissue embedding and sectioning in Paraffin, cryo and plastic
  • Automated hematoxylin-eosin (HE)- staining
  • Histo-chemical staining (i.e. PAS, Masson-Trichrom, Ziehl-Neeslen, Gram staining, …)
  • Immun-histo-chemical staining (i.e. CD4, FoxP3, CD11c, Influenza A, MCMV, …) 
  • Every antibody staining is possible in fluorescence as well
  • Double staining (i.e. CD4/Caspase3, CD3/FoxP3), fluorescence and histo-chemical
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