Animal Facility

To be able to investigate diseases, understand the relationships between pathogens and their host and to develop novel strategies against pathogens, the scientists at the HZI depend on experiments that involve the use of laboratory animals. The HZI runs an Animal Facility on its campus, the so-called Animal House. The central task of this service unit is the breeding and keeping of laboratory mice as well as provision of services for the scientists of the HZI, centered around laboratory animal science.


Animal Protection Committee

The Animal Welfare Committee assumes the tasks prescribed in §6 of the Animal Welfare Regulation ("Tierschutz-Versuchstierverordnung"), such as supporting the Animal Welfare Officer, surveilling the animals' welfare, and tracing the progress und results of animal experiments.

The committee consists of the Animal Welfare Officers, representatives of the department´s animal care staff as well as scientific members. The committee can be contacted via e-mail to

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