Viral Immune Modulation

A microbial pathogen enters our body - but not unnoticed! Immune cells have specialised receptors to detect the presence of the invaders. These receptors initiate defence mechanisms as soon as the pathogen has entered the body – unless they are disarmed.


Prof Dr Melanie Brinkmann

Over a million years herpesviruses have adapted perfectly to the immune system and efficiently outwit the body's defence. We want to decipher the mechanisms herpesviruses apply to escape their elimination.

Melanie Brinkmann

Melanie Brinkmann studied biology at the Universities of Göttingen and Berlin. During her PhD thesis at the Hannover Medical School she came in contact with virology and has ever since been working in this field.

After a four year research stay at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research which is affiliated with the Massachusettes Institute of Technology in Cambridge, USA, she joined the HZI in July 2010 as head of the research group “Viral Immune Modulation”. She received the PhD Award of the Hanover Medical School, for her postdoctoral work the Robert-Koch-Postdoc Award and the Science Award of the Signal Transduction Society.

Since November 2012, Melanie Brinkmann is a professor of virology at the Hannover Medical School.


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