Systems Medicine of Infectious Diseases

Systems Medicine aims at gaining a holistic understanding of health and diseases that leads to personalized medicine. The research of this group aims at understanding the underlying mechanisms between the immune system and diseases. Other objectives are tailoring effective immune interventions and treatments in susceptible groups of the society like seniors and immunocompromised patients and developing new mathematical and computational methods to overcome the challenges for the translation of Systems Medicine into the clinic. All this is achieved by integrating clinical data into phenomenological models and by using computer simulations.



Dr Esteban A. Hernandez-Vargas

Junior Research Group Leader

Curriculum Vitae

He is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. After obtaining his BSc in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Control Engineering, he moved to Ireland to start a PhD in the Systems Biology group at the Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth. In 2011, he completed his doctoral studies (supervised by Prof. Richard H. Middleton). Since July 2011 he belongs to the Department of Systems Immunology in HZI and since July 2014 he leads the junior research group "Systems Medicine of Infection Research". 


His research lies at the interface between control theory, mathematics and  biology. He focus mainly on:
* Viral dynamics: Influenza and HIV
* Ageing: Immunosenescence
* Nonlinear Systems: optimal control and observer design

Research Projects

* GERONTOSHIELD project investigates why our immune defense is getting weaker when we become old. The strategic objective of the project is to draw on a Systems Biology-driven approach to understand the molecular processes affected during immunosenescence to derive strategies to overcome them in order to establish effective immune interventions tailored for the elderly.



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