Model Systems for Infection and Immunity

In infection research experiments on cells and mice have a pivotal role. Frequently such model systems have to be tailored to allow tackling a specific scientific question. To this end, genetic modification of cell lines and mice is being pursued. 


Selected Publications

  • Authors: Alkharsah,K.R.; Singh,V.V.; Bosco,R.; Santag,S.; Grundhoff,A.; Konrad,A.; Sturzl,M.; Wirth,Dagmar*; Dittrich-Breiholz,O.; Kracht,M.; Schulz,T.F.; (Year: 2011). Title: Deletion of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus FLICE inhibitory protein, vFLIP, from the viral genome compromises the activation of STAT1-responsive cellular genes and spindle cell formation in endothelial cells.Journal: Journal of VirologyVolume: 85Issue: 19, S-Page: 10375-E-Page: 10388 PubMed
  • Authors: Schucht,R.; Coroadinha,A.S.; Zanta-Boussif,M.A.; Verhoeyen,E.; Carrondo,M.J.T.; Hauser,Hansjörg*; Wirth,Dagmar*; (Year: 2006). Title: A new generation of retroviral producer cells: Predictable and stable virus production by Flp mediated site-specific integration of retroviral vectors.Journal: Molecular therapyVolume: 14, S-Page: 285-E-Page: 292 DOI: 10.1016/j.ymthe.2005.12.003 HZI repository PubMed
  • Authors: May,T.; Hauser,Hansjörg*; Wirth,Dagmar*; (Year: 2006). Title: Current status of transcriptional regulation systems.Journal: CytotechnologyVolume: 50, S-Page: 109-E-Page: 119
  • Authors: Kues,W.A.; Schwinzer,R.; Wirth,Dagmar*; Verhoeyen,E.; Lemme,E.; Herrmann,D.; Barg-Kues,B.; Hauser,Hansjörg*; Wonigkeit,K.; Niemann,H.; (Year: 2006). Title: Epigenetic silencing and tissue independent expression of a novel tetracycline inducible system in double transgenic pigs.Journal: FASEB journalVolume: 20, S-Page: 1200-E-Page: 1202
  • Authors: May,T.; Müller,P.; Weich,H.; Froese,N.; Deutsch,U.; Wirth,D.; Kröger,A.; Hauser,H.; (Year: 2005). Title: Establishment of murine cell lines by constitutive and conditional immortalization.Journal: Journal of BiotechnologyVolume: 120Issue: 1, S-Page: 99-E-Page: 110
  • Authors: Thiefes,A.; Wolter,S.; Mushinski,J.S.; Hoffmann,E.; Dittrich-Breiholz,O.; Graue,N.; Dörrie,A.; Schneider,H.; Wirth,D.; Luckow,B.; Resch,K.; Kracht,M.; (Year: 2005). Title: Simultaneous blockade of NFkappaB, JNK and p38 MAPK by a kinase-inactive mutant of the protein kinase TAK1 sensitizes cells to apoptosis and affects a distinct spectrum of TNF target genes.Journal: Journal of Biological ChemistryVolume: 280, S-Page: 27728-E-Page: 27741
  • Authors: May,T.; Wirth,D.; Hauser,H.; Müller,P.P.; (Year: 2005). Title: Transcriptionally regulated immortalization overcomes side effects of tmeperature-sensitive SV40 large T antigen.Journal: Biochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsVolume: 327Issue: 3, S-Page: 734-E-Page: 741
  • Authors: May,T.; Lindenmaier,W.; Wirth,D.; Müller,P.P.; (Year: 2004). Title: Application of a reversible immortalisation system for the generation of proliferation-controlled cell lines.Journal: CytotechnologyVolume: 46, S-Page: 69-E-Page: 78
  • Authors: Wirth,Dagmar; Hauser,Hansjörg; (Year: 2004). Title: Flp-mediated integration of expression cassettes into FRT tagged chromosomal loci.Book Title: Recombinant Gene Expression : Reviews and ProtocolsEditors: Balbás,Paulina; Lorence,Argelia; (Ed.).City: Totowa, NJPublisher: Humana Press, S-Page: 467-E-Page: 476 ISBN: 1-58829-262-2
  • Authors: Weissenbach,M.; Clahsen,T.; Weber,C.; Spitzer,D.; Wirth,D.; Vestwever,D.; Heinrich,P.C.; Schaper,F.; (Year: 2004). Title: Interleukin-6 is a direct mediator of T cell migration.Journal: European Journal of ImmunologyVolume: 34, S-Page: 2895-E-Page: 2906
  • Authors: Unsinger,J.; Lindenmaier,W.; May,T.; Hauser,H.; Wirth,D.; (Year: 2004). Title: Stable and strictly controlled expression of LTR-flanked autoregulated expression cassettes upon adenoviral transfer.Journal: Biochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsVolume: 319, S-Page: 879-E-Page: 887
  • Authors: May,T.; Hauser,H.; Wirth,D.; (Year: 2004). Title: Transcriptional control of SV40 expression allows a complete reversion of immortalization.Journal: Nucleic Acids ResearchVolume: 32, S-Page: 5529-E-Page: 5538
  • Authors: Spitzer,D.; Dittmar,K.E.; Rohde,M.; Hauser,H.; Wirth,D.; (Year: 2003). Title: Green fluorescent protein-tagged retroviral envelope protein for analysis of virus-cell interactions..Journal: Journal of VirologyVolume: 77, S-Page: 6070-E-Page: 6075
  • Authors: Hirschmann,F.; Verhoeyen,E.; Wirth,D.; Bauwens,S.; Hauser,H.; Rudert,M.; (Year: 2002). Title: Vital marking of articular chondrocytes by retroviral infection using green fluorescence protein.Journal: Osteoarthritis and CartilageVolume: 10Issue: 2, S-Page: 109-E-Page: 118 ISI
  • Authors: Niemann,H.; Verhoeyen,E.; Wonigeit,K.; Lorenz,R.; Hecker,J.; Schwinzer,R.; Hauser,H.; Kues,W.A.; Halter,R.; Lemme,E.; Herrmann,D.; Winkler,M.; Wirth,D.; Paul,D.; (Year: 2001). Title: Cytomegalovirus early promoter induced expression of hCD59 in porcine organs provides protection against hyperacute rejection.Journal: TransplantationVolume: 72Issue: 12, S-Page: 1898-E-Page: 19060041-1337 PubMed
  • Authors: Verhoeyen,E.; Hauser,H.; Wirth,D.; (Year: 2001). Title: Evaluation of retroviral vector design in defined chromosomal loci by Flp-mediated cassette replacement.Journal: Human gene therapyVolume: 12Issue: 8, S-Page: 933-E-Page: 9441043-0342 PubMed
  • Authors: Unsinger,J.; Kroger,A.; Hauser,H.; Wirth,D.; (Year: 2001). Title: Retroviral vectors for the transduction of autoregulated, bidirectional expression cassettes.Journal: Molecular therapyVolume: 4Issue: 5, S-Page: 484-E-Page: 4891525-0016 PubMed
  • Authors: Hauser,H.; Spitzer,D.; Verhoeyen,E.; Unsinger,J.; Wirth,D.; (Year: 2000). Title: New approaches towards ex vivo and in vivo gene therapy.Journal: Cells Tissues OrgansVolume: 167Issue: 2-3, S-Page: 75-E-Page: 801422-6405 PubMed
  • Authors: Spitzer, D.; Hauser, H.; Wirth, D. ; (Year: 1999). Title: Complement-protected amphotropic retroviruses from murine packaging cells..Journal: Hum Gene TherVolume: 10, S-Page: 1893-E-Page: 1902
  • Authors: Herbst, A., Koester, M., Wirth, D., Hauser, H., Welte, K.; (Year: 1999). Title: G-CSF receptor mutations in patients with severe congenital neutropenia do not abrogate Jak2 activation and stat1/stat3 translocation..Journal: Ann N Y Acad SciVolume: 872, S-Page: 325-E-Page: 327
  • Authors: Klehr-Wirth, D., Kuhnert, F., Unsinger, J., Hauser, H.; (Year: 1997). Title: Generation of mammalian cells with conditional expression of cre recombinase..Journal: Technical Tips OnlineVolume: 2Issue: 1, S-Page: 18-E-Page: 20
  • Authors: Bode, J., Schlake, T., Rios-Ramirez, M., Mielke, C., Stengert, M., Kay, V., Klehr-Wirth, D. ; (Year: 1995). Title: Scaffold/matrix-attached regions: structural properties creating transcriptionally active loci..Journal: Int Rev CytolVolume: 162A, S-Page: 389-E-Page: 454
  • Authors: Schlake, T., Klehr-Wirth, D., Yoshida, M., Beppu, T., Bode, J. ; (Year: 1994). Title: Gene expression within a chromatin domain: the role of core histone hyperacetylation..Journal: BiochemistryVolume: 33, S-Page: 4197-E-Page: 4206
  • Authors: Wirth, M., Grannemann, R., Klehr, D., Hauser, H.; (Year: 1994). Title: Screening retroviral packaging cells for highly efficient virus production by using a combined selection procedure..Journal: J VirolVolume: 68, S-Page: 566-E-Page: 569
  • Authors: Bode, J., Kohwi, Y., Dickinson, L., Joh, T., Klehr, D., Mielke, C., Kohwi-Shigematsu, T.; (Year: 1992). Title: Biological significance of unwinding capability of nuclear matrix-associating DNAs..Journal: ScienceVolume: 255, S-Page: 195-E-Page: 197
  • Authors: Klehr, D., Schlake, T., Maass, K., Bode, J.; (Year: 1992). Title: Scaffold-attached regions (SAR elements) mediate transcriptional effects due to butyrate..Journal: BiochemistryVolume: 31, S-Page: 3222-E-Page: 3229
  • Authors: Klehr, D., Maass, K., Bode, J.; (Year: 1991). Title: Scaffold-attached regions from the human interferon beta domain can be used to enhance the stable expression of genes under the control of various promoters..Journal: BiochemistryVolume: 30, S-Page: 1264-E-Page: 1270
  • Authors: Bode, J., Klehr, D., Maass, K., Mielke, C. ; (Year: 1990). Title: MARs and SARs, DNA sequences with an affinity to the nuclear matrix: analysis, regulation and functions in transcriptional enhancement..Journal: BioEngineering: New Trends in GeneticsVolume: 2, S-Page: 2-E-Page: 5
  • Authors: Klehr, D. and Bode, J. ; (Year: 1988). Title: Comparative evaluation of bovine papilloma virus (BPV) vectors for the study of gene expression in mammalian cells..Journal: Mol. Gen. (Life Sci Adv)Volume: 7, S-Page: 47-E-Page: 52

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