Model Systems for Infection and Immunity

In infection research experiments on cells and mice have a pivotal role. Frequently such model systems have to be tailored to allow tackling a specific scientific question. To this end, genetic modification of cell lines and mice is being pursued. 

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To design reliable model systems, genetic modifications should be predictable, reliable, and, most importantly, effective. While the standard procedures cannot meet these requirements our scientists have developed highly effective protocols to guarantee that genetic modifications will have the desired effect in cells and/or transgenic mice. As such, genetic elements to control gene functions – called expression cassettes – are not randomly integrated into the cell’s chromosomes but targeted to preselected chromosomal loci. This allows rule out the negative impact of regulatory elements that are frequently associated to randomly chosen chromosomal sites. Moreover, this allows to ensure tight regulation of synthetic expression cassettes that can be externally controlled and switched on or off on demand.


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