Epidemiological and statistical methods

The choice of the right method is essential in epidemiology. Which sample size is necessary to verify an association between a risk factor and a disease, taking potential statistic variations into account? To which degree do other risk factors for the examined disease distort the outcome of a study? In order to get meaningful results, these questions must be evaluated for every new scenario.


Clinical Epidemiology

One of our main topics is clinical epidemiology, i.e. the branch of epidemiology which is focusing on a population of patients. We use epidemiological methods in order to improve the diagnostic process, therapy and further care of patients suffering from infectious diseases. Currently, we are focusing on three types of infection:

In these projects we use our expertise in the field of epidemiological and statistical methods in order to work together with clinical partners and to fulfill the patients’ needs as good as possible. We apply a vast spectrum of methods including study planning  as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis. We are very interested in further cooperation in clinical epidemiological projects.





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