Cellular Proteome Research

Pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi utilize and alter physiological cellular processes of the infected host. Our studies focus on the identification of unknown processes in complex and molecular networks, which are involved in infectious diseases.


Our Research

Laboratory of the research group "Cellular Proteome Research" (CPRO)

Proteins are the functional building blocks of life and the prime target of drug research. Our research unites technologies from protein chemistry, mass spectrometry and bioinformatic fields to study infections at the molecular level. Cellular proteomics analyses protein networks controlling early phases of immune activation and pathogen-host interactions.

The group is working on human primary materials in the context of NK and Treg biology. Our research program focuses on two aspects: (i) the functional definition of primary immune cell subsets in acute and chronic infections and (ii) the molecular characterization of signaling and effector responses at immunological synapses.  Our overall motivation is the identification of novel immune-regulatory mechanisms.      

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