Organ-Specific Immune Regulation

Infections and inflammatory diseases can appear in all organs and tissues. The development of these diseases is influenced by the underlying pathogen, the immune system as well as local organ-specific factors. These three factors regulate one another in a complex interaction. The goal of our scientists is to understand the crosstalk between the immune-system and the respective organ-specific factors and its impact on the development of infections. This research should result in new therapeutic options for the treatment of infections.


Prof Dr Dirk Schlüter

We are trying to understand the interaction between the immune system and organ–specific factors and their repercussions on the development of infections.

Dirk Schlüter

Dirk Schlüter

Dirk Schlüter studied Human Medicine at the universities of Düsseldorf and Essen. After his studies he worked as an intern in the Clinic for Neurology at the University Clinic Essen and ever since this time he has been conducting research on infections of the central nervous system. He then changed to the University of Heidelberg (Mannheim Faculty) and successfully completed a specialist training in Medical Microbiology, Virology and Infection Epidemiology and was promoted to Professor in “Medical Microbiology and Infection Immunology”.

Since 2004, he is working at the University of Magdeburg; first, as C3-Professor for Medical Microbiology and Infection Immunology. In 2010, he promoted to the Director of the Institute for “Medical Microbiology”.

Since October 2013, Dirk Schlüter leads the working group “Organ-specific immune-regulation” at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. 

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