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Together we are strong – a slogan many of us, but most especially bacteria, live by. As such, they form well-organized communities called biofilms on top of moist surfaces. They love doing this in our bathroom drain as much as on the surfaces of our teeth. Some of them make us sick, others lead a peaceful co-existence with us, and a few may even be beneficial. To understand these biofilms and potentially influence them, our scientists have to know which bacteria team up under what conditions. To figure this out, our researchers are essentially watching bacteria at work.

Research Projects

Finished Projects

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  • Diversity of microbial communities in biofilms growing on hexachlorohexane and related substrates : GRADUATE GRANT OF THE EGYPT GOVERNMENT
  • Water, Health and Governance: RISC HABITAT MEGACITIES
  • Use of metabolites of Basidiomycotina fungi to modulate microbial biofilms: GRADUATE GRANT
  • Network for Research and Academic Training on Surface Biofunctionalization : NANOBIOTEC
  • Sustainable bioresorbable and permanent implants of metallic and ceramic materials.: SFB 599
  • 1st Thai–German Symposium on Regenerative Medicine : THAI–GERMAN SYMPOSIUM
  • Functional biodiversity of Pseudomonas species in biofilm communities degrading polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons : DFG GRADUATE SCHOOL
  • Studies of uncultured marine microbial diversity using biomolecule signature analysis and metagenomic libraries : MICROBIAL DIVERSITY
  • Carbon sharing of Pseudomonas spp. in a 4-chlorosalicylate degrading community (Pseudomonas Course of Lecture 3): DFG GRADUATE SCHOOL
  • Biodiversity and secondary metabolites of sponge-associated bacteria: BIODIVERSITY
  • Biodiversity and metabolic activities of oligotrophic biofilms: BIODIVERSITY
  • Detection of microorganism after the flood: MICROORGANISM
  • Assessment of the biodiversity of tropical fungi and their antibiotic activities : BIODIVERSITY
  • Organische Substanz und mikrobielle Diversität als Parameter der Steuerung wichtiger Bodenfunktionen: SOIL FUNCTIONS
  • Platforms for the efficient epithelial transport of pharmaceutical applications using innovative particulate transport systems: PETRA

Displaying results 1 to 15 out of 15


  • Dr Wolf-Rainer Abraham

    Wolf-Rainer Abraham

    Head of the Research Group Chemical Microbiology

    +49 531 6181-4300/-4226

    +49 531 6181-4699


Audio Podcast

  • Vom Feind zum Freund - lasst sich das Gute im Biofilm fördern?
    Bakterien in Biofilmen infizieren Katheter, verstopfen Stents, ruinieren die Zähne, besiedeln Gewebe. Kurz: Sie verursachen viele Infektionen und wir kennen kein Mittel, sie dauerhaft zu zerstören. Aber müssen wir das überhaupt - wäre es nicht möglich, aus gefährlichen Biofilmen, ungefährliche zu machen? Denn in der Natur oder im Darm sind wir sogar auf sie angewiesen. Folgen Sie Wolf-Rainer Abraham in die Welt der Kleinsten und hören Sie wie er Biofilme an Zahnimplantaten manipuliert oder in Gallengangstents für uns nutzt…