Microbial Natural Products

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This group is located at the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS)



Even today efficient drugs against many diseases are missing but finding new active substances is very complex. Support comes out of the ground. Myxobacteria are soil-living microorganisms that produce many active agents. Here you learn more about the search for new compounds with biological activity.

Research Projects

Finished Projects

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  • Novel strategies for the prevention and control of persistent infections: NOPERSIST
  • Exploiting the Potential of Natural Compounds: Myxobacteria as Source for Leads, Tools, and Therapeutics in Cancer Research : FOR 1406
  • Kompetenznetzwerk “Genome Research on Bacteria relevant for Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology” – the Sorangium genome project: SO CE56
  • Isolierung neuer myxobakterieller Naturstoffproduzenten: DISCOVERY OF NOVEL MYXOBACTERIAL PRODUCER STRAINS
  • Development of improved analytical methods for mining myxobacterial secondary metabolomes and structure elucidation: SEKUNDÄRSTOFFE
  • Bioactivity and mode-of-action studies on myxobacterial metabolites and their analogues: MODE-OF-ACTION STUDIES
  • Heterologous production and product optimization of bacterial bioactive agents: PRODUCT OPTIMIZATION
  • DFG FOR 1406 TP2: (Bio)Synthese von Tubulysin Derivaten für biologische und Biosynthese-Studien: TUBULYSIN DERIVATE
  • Expression and high-througput screening of myxobaterial enzymes: EXPRESSYS
  • DFG FOR 1406 TP1: Suche nach neuen Naturstoffen basierend auf bakterieller Biodiversität, Bioaktivität-Screenings und moderner analytischer Chemie: SUCHE NACH NEUEN NATURSTOFFEN
  • Disorazol-Z-Konjugate zur zielgerichteten, rezeptorabhängigen Therapie solider Tumore: DIS-Z-KONJUGATE
  • Development of inhibitors for prevention and treatment of biofilms caused by pathogenic bacteria: BIOFILM-INHIBITOREN_MINS

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  • Prof Dr Rolf Müller

    Rolf Müller

    Managing Director of the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS), Head of the Department Microbial Natural Products

    +49 681 98806-3000

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