Compound Profiling und Screening

The skin and mucosa of all humans are colonized by a large number of different microorganisms. Among them are opportunistic pathogens, which switch from harmless commensal organisms into life-threatening pathogens in particular when the immune system is compromised, e.g. as consequence of a severe disease or of therapeutic interventions, such as chemotherapies or antibiotic treatment. Thus, these infections frequently develop on top of another severe disease causing complications and extended stays in critical care units of hospitals. To avoid the outbreak of those infections, antibiotics are prophylactically applied, which supports the emergence of antibiotic resistance. Hence, new therapeutic approaches are urgently needed.



Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Katja Gremmer

PhD Student

Curriculum Vitae

Education  / Degrees


professional education as chemical laboratory worker



Field of Study: Biotechnology/ Chemistry engeneering at the FH Emden

main subjects: Biotechnology, Food Chemistry           


April 2008              

Diploma: Biotechnology Engeneering

Title of work:           

Klonierung und Expression der Histidinkinase CaNIK1/COS1 aus Candida albicans in Saccharomyces cerevisiae


PhD studies

since May 2009

Helmholtz centre for infection research

Projectgroup Biologic Systems analysis

within the project:

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Systems Approach to the Therapy of Nosocomial Infections Caused by Candida albicans: a commensal organism switches to a deadly pathogen

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