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Drug-loaded nano- and microparticles for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases

Inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis are autoimmune diseases of the intestine. Patients suffer from recurring acute pain, gastric and intestinal spasms, and heavy, often bloody diarrhea. In addition, the risk of developing intestinal cancer is substantially increased.

Animal studies showed that particles, which are only one millionth to one thousandth millimeter in size, accumulate specifically in inflamed areas of the intestine. Therefore, nano- and microparticle-based medicines may help to improve the therapy of inflammatory bowel diseases in the near future.

Currently, we develop such new formulations for a number of anti-inflammatory drugs in our research group. In order to better understand the mechanism of particle accumulation in the inflamed tissue we also established a novel cell culture model of the inflamed intestinal mucosa.


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