Research Projects (Third party funds)

Risk factors for MRSA colonization

Screening for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) at hospital admission

The aim of the project is to identify regional risk factors of MRSA colonization at hospital admission. Based on results, we aim to develop a risk score that will be used to identify MRSA colonized individuals at hospital admission. A cross-sectional study involving several hospitals in Brunswick, Wolfsburg and other regions is planned. All individuals hospitalized within a fixed period will be screened for the presence of MRSA and asked to fill in a questionnaire on potential risk factors of MRSA. The results of this project will help to reduce further dissemination of MRSA infections within hospitals by applying effective measures such as isolation of MRSA colonized patients. Six months after admission, positive patients will be screened again to assess the persistence of colonization and the associated risk factors. Besides, the MRSA related quality of care and quality of life will be assessed.



Community Hospital Braunschweig

Hospital Wolfsburg

Hannover Medical School

Das Krankenhaus des Marienstiftes, Braunschweig

Herzogin Elisabeth Hospitals



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