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Novel activity-based probes for characterization of deubiquitinating enzymes

Ubiquitylation is a reversible posttranslational modification of proteins that is implicated in many key cellular functions. Deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs) act as antagonists of ubiquitin ligases to remove covalently bound ubiquitin moieties from modified proteins and thereby contribute to the regulation of several signaling events. These enzymes have emerged as promising therapeutic targets due to their wide-ranging involvement in cellular processes.
We develop activity based probes (ABPs), which are reactive substrate analogs that enable the enrichment of active DUBs and facilitate their characterization. This technology allows us to investigate the regulation of the ubiquitin system in infection processes and provides significant information to advance the drug discovery with greater strides.



Alexander Iphöfer (Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektioonsforschung)

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