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Incidence of nosocomial blood stream infections, antibiotic resistances and blood culture ordering and testing practices – a Thuringia-wide prospective population-based surveillance cohort study

AlertsNet is a Thuringia-wide prospective register to detect nosocomial blood stream infections and antibiotic resistance, in order to improve blood culture diagnostics according to national guidelines. The project is managed by Prof. Brunkhorst of the „Paul-Martini-Forschergruppe für Klinische Sepsisforschung“, university hospital Jena. The primary aim is to (further) develop quality indicators for nosocomial bloodstream. For this purpose, a statewide surveillance system of blood culture diagnostics and antibiotic resistance will be implemented in Thuringia. Improvement of practice of blood culture diagnostics is sought by an intervention (education); success will be measured by using the newly developed indicators.


Paul-Martini-Research Group, University of Jena



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