Model Systems for Infection and Immunity

In infection research experiments on cells and mice have a pivotal role. Frequently such model systems have to be tailored to allow tackling a specific scientific question. To this end, genetic modification of cell lines and mice is being pursued. 


Selected Publications

Gödecke, N., Riedel, J., Herrmann, S., Behme, S., Rand, U., Kubsch, T., Cicin-Sain, L., Hauser, H., Köster, M., Wirth, D. (2020) Synthetic rewiring and boosting type I interferon responses for visualization and counteracting viral infections. Nucl Acids Res 48: 11799-11811.
DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkaa961

Ullah, S., Seidel, K., Turkkan, S., Warwas, D.P., Dubich, T., Rohde, M., Hauser, H., Behrens, P., Kirschning, A., Köster, M., Wirth, D.(2019) Macrophage entrapped silica coated superparamagnetic iron oxide particles for controlled drug release in a 3D cancer model.      J Control Release 294:327-336.
DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2018.12.040

Cebula, M., Riehn, M., Hillebrand, U., Kratzer, Ramona, Kreppel, F., Koutsoumpli, G., Daemen, T., Hauser, H., Wirth, D. (2017) TLR9 mediated conditioning of the liver environment is essential for successful intrahepatic immunotherapy and effective memory recall. Molecular Therapy 25 (10): 2289-2298. 

Gödecke, N., Zha, L., Spencer, S., Behme, S., Riemer, P., Rehli, M., Hauser, H., Wirth, D. (2017) Controlled re-activation of epigenetically silenced Tet promoter-driven transgene expression by targeted demethylation. Nucl Acids Res, doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx601; 

Lipps, C., Badar, M., Butueva, M., Dubich, T., Singh, V.V., Rau, S., Weber, A., Kracht, M., Köster, M., May, T., Schulz, T.F., Hauser, H., Wirth, D. (2017) Proliferation status defines functional properties of endothelial cells. Cell Mol Life Sci. 74:1319-1333. 

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