Computational Biology for Individualised Medicine

Infections are among the biggest threats to health and the most significant causes of death worldwide. Our aim is to reveal the host genetic risk factors and their downstream molecular pathways, which are crucial to make progress in understanding and treating infectious diseases in an individualised manner as well as to improve the identification of patients at risk. The department is part of the developing CiiM and currently housed at the TWINCORE in Hannover.


Selected Publications

Bakker, O.B., Aguirre-Gamboa, R., Sanna, S., Oosting, M., Smeekens, S.P., Jaeger, M., Zorro, M., Võsa, U., Withoff, S., Netea-Maier, R.T., Koenen, H., Joosten, I., Xavier, R.J., Franke, L., Joosten, L.A.B., Kumar, V., Wijmenga, C.#, Netea, M.G#, Li, Y.# Integration of multi-omics datasets and deep phenotyping enables prediction of cytokine production in response to pathogens
Nature Immunology 2018(19):776-786. doi:10.1038/s41590-018-0121-3

Li, Y.#, Oosting, M., Smeekens, S.P., Jaeger, M., Aguirre-Gamboa, R., Le, K.T.T., Deelen, P., Ricaño-Ponce, I., Schoffelen, T., Jansen, A.F.M., Swertz, M.A., Withoff, S., van de Vosse, E., van Deuren, M., van de Veerdonk, F., Zhernakova, A., van der Meer, J.W.M., Xavier, R.J., Franke, L., Joosten, L.A.B.#, Wijmenga, C.#, Kumar, V.#, Netea, M.G# A Functional Genomics Approach to Understand Variation in Cytokine Production in Humans
Cell 2016(167):1099–1110.e14. doi:10.1016/j.cell.2016.10.017

Aguirre-Gamboa, R., Joosten, I., Urbano, P.C.M., van der Molen, R.G., van Rijssen, E., van Cranenbroek, B., Oosting, M., Smeekens, S., Jaeger, M., Zorro, M., Withoff, S., van Herwaarden, A.E., Sweep, F.C.G.J., Netea, R.T., Swertz, M.A., Franke, L., Xavier, R.J., Joosten, L.A.B., Netea, M.G., Wijmenga, C., Kumar, V., Li, Y#, Koenen, H.J.P.M.# Differential Effects of Environmental and Genetic Factors on T and B Cell Immune Traits
Cell Reports 2016, doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2016.10.053

Li, Y.*, Oosting, M.*, Deelen, P., Ricaño-Ponce, I., Smeekens, S., Jaeger, M., Matzaraki, V., Swertz, M.A., Xavier, R.J., Franke, L., Wijmenga, C., Joosten, L.A.B., Kumar, V., Netea, M.G.    Inter-individual variability and genetic influences on cytokine responses to bacteria and fungi
Nature Med. 2016(22)952–960. doi:10.1038/nm.4139

Van der Velde, K.J., de Haan, M., Zych, K., Arends, D., Snoek, L.B., Kammenga, J.E., Jansen, R.C., Swertz, M.A.#, Li, Y.# WormQTLHD−a web database for linking human disease to natural variation data in C. elegans
Nucleic Acids Res. 2014 (42)D794-801. doi:10.1093/nar/gkt1044

#Corresponding authors

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