Computational Biology for Individualised Medicine

Infections are among the biggest threats to health and the most significant causes of death worldwide. Our aim is to reveal the host genetic risk factors and their downstream molecular pathways, which are crucial to make progress in understanding and treating infectious diseases in an individualised manner as well as to improve the identification of patients at risk. The department is part of the developing CiiM and currently housed at the TWINCORE in Hannover.


Job offer

The Research Department “Computational Biology for Individualised Medicine” welcomes applications from candidates qualified for either a PhD or Postdoc position. Please check here for open positions. But also unsolicited applications are always welcome.

We are looking for motivated applicants with a strong background in Bioinformatics / Computational Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Biology or Physics, good programing skills and interest in interdisciplinary research in biology and infection research.

Our research focuses on understanding inter-individual variation in susceptibility to immune related diseases and predicting immune functions through integration of large multi-omics and in-depth immune phenotypes datasets from a variety of existing and planned patient cohorts.
Methods that we employ or develop in our research are related to the fields of Bioinformatics, Systems Genetics, Machine learning & deep learning and Systems immunology.

Please send your applications to

We continuously offer Masters/Bachelor research projects. Please contact us for details by email.

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