Cellular Proteome Research

Pathogenic bacteria and viruses utilize and manipulate cellular processes of our immune system. The identification of protein functions in the human immune system that decisively control the progression of infections constitutes the central aim of the research group Cellular Proteomics at the HZI.



Control of immunological synapse formation in regulatory T lymphocytes with focus on microtubule mediated signal component transport (Project B16, CRC854, with Prof. B. Schraven, Prof. A. Müller, Dr. S. Kliche, Dr. W. Zuschratter, University Magdeburg, Germany).

Characterization of human mucosal associated invariant T cells (MAITs) in Clostridium difficile infection (ABINEB & Land Niedersachsen, with Prof. D. Jahn, TU-BS, Prof. D. Bruder, University Magdeburg, Prof. A. Canbay, Klinikum Magdeburg).

Characterization of human NK subsets (IRTG 1273, iMED)

  • in HCV infection and therapy
    (with Prof. H. Wedemeyer, Prof. M. Cornberg, Hannover Medical School; Prof. H.G. Ljunggren, Prof. J. Sandberg, Karolinska, SE; Prof. E. Mace, Baylor College of Medicine, US)
  • in HIV infected patients
    (with Prof. J. Sandberg, Karolinska, SE and Dr. M. Eller, MHRP, US).

Respirasome dynamics and turnover in activated T lymphocytes (PROCOMPAS DFG graduate school, with Prof. R. Mendel, Prof. K. Hiller, TU-BS)

Former Project

De-ubiquitin protease mediated immune control in SIRS and Sepsis (iMED; with Prof. D. Schlüter, University Magdeburg and Dr. U. Lodes ICU Magdeburg).

EBV-specific alterations of the ubiquitin system in the process of B cell transformation (with Prof. H. Delecluse, DKFZ, Heidelberg).

Proteome analyses of mitochondria targeting the molybdenum cofactor supply machinery (PROTRAIN, DFG research group 1220, with Prof. R. Mendel, TU-BS) 


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