Computational Biology for Infection Research

The Department of “Computational Biology for Infection Research” studies the human microbiome, viral and bacterial pathogens, and human cell lineages within individual patients by analysis of large-scale biological and epidemiological data sets with computational techniques. Focusing on high throughput meta’omics, population genomic and single cell sequencing data, we produce testable hypotheses, such as sets of key sites or relevant genes associated with the presence of a disease, of antibiotic resistance or pathogenic evasion of immune defense. We interact with experimental collaborators to verify our findings and to promote their translation into medical treatment or diagnosis procedures. To achieve its research goals, the department also develops novel algorithms and software.


Further Groups of the Department Computational Biology of Infection Research

Host (epi)genomics - Dr Andreas Klötgen

Immunometabolism - Prof Dr Karsten Hiller

Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics - Prof Dr Cheng-Jian Xu

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