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The publications database contains about 3.900 articles from HZI staff (formerly GBF) starting with year 2000. Only journal articles and book chapters are included. You won´t find lectures, posters etc. herein.

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  • Susewind,J.; De Souza Carvalho-Wodarz,C.; Repnik,U.; Collnot,E.M.; Schneider-Daum,N.; Griffiths,G.W.; Lehr,C.M.; (2016). A 3D co-culture of three human cell lines to model the inflamed intestinal mucosa for safety testing of nanomaterials. 10 1, 53-6217435390 DOI: Article WEBURLS
  • Urbanowicz,R.A.; Mcclure,C.P.; Brown,R.J.P.; Tsoleridis,T.; Persson,A.; Krey,T.; Irving,W.L.; Ball,J.K.; Tarr,A.W.; (2016). A diverse panel of hepatitis C virus glycoproteins for use in vaccine research reveals extremes of monoclonal antibody neutralization resistance. Journal of Virology: 90 7, 3288-33010022538X DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02700-15 HZI repository PubMed
  • Baser,B.; Spehr,J.; Bussow,K.; van den,Heuvel J.; (2016). A method for specifically targeting two independent genomic integration sites for co-expression of genes in CHO cells. Methods: 95, 3-12 PubMed
  • Pfefferkorn,C.; Kallfass,C.; Lienenklaus,S.; Spanier,J.; Kalinke,U.; Rieder,M.; Conzelmann,K.K.; Michiels,T.; Staeheli,P.; (2016). Abortively infected astrocytes appear to represent the main source of interferon beta in the virus-infected brain. Journal of Virology: 90 4, 2031-20380022538X DOI: Article WEBURLS
  • Axenov-Gibanov,D.V.; Voytsekhovskaya,I.V.; Tokovenko,B.T.; Protasov,E.S.; Gamaiunov,S.V.; Rebets,Y.V.; Luzhetskyy,A.N.; Timofeyev,M.A.; (2016). Actinobacteria Isolated from an Underground Lake and Moonmilk Speleothem from the Biggest Conglomeratic Karstic Cave in Siberia as Sources of Novel Biologically Active Compounds. PLoS ONE: 11 2, e0149216 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0149216 HZI repository PubMed
  • Rietscher,R.; Schr÷der,M.; Janke,J.; Czaplewska,J.; Gottschaldt,M.; Scherlie¯,R.; Hanefeld,A.; Schubert,U.S.; Schneider,M.; Knolle,P.A.; Lehr,C.M.; (2016). Antigen delivery via hydrophilic PEG-b-PAGE-b-PLGA nanoparticles boosts vaccination induced T cell immunity. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics: 102, 20-3109396411 DOI: Article WEBURLS
  • Annemann,M.; Plaza-Sirvent,C.; Schuster,M.; Katsoulis-Dimitriou,K.; Kliche,S.; Schraven,B.; Schmitz,I.; (2016). Atypical IkappaB proteins in immune cell differentiation and function. 171, 26-35 PubMed
  • Diederich,C.; Leypold,M.; Breinbauer,R.; Blankenfeldt,W.; (2016). Aus zwei mach eins: die Biosynthese der Phenazine. Biospektrum: 22 2, 137-13909470867 DOI: Article WEBURLS
  • Felgner,S.; Kocijancic,D.; Frahm,M.; Weiss,S.; (2016). Bacteria in Cancer Therapy: Renaissance of an Old Concept. 2016, 8451728 PubMed
  • Milici, M., J. Tomasch, M. L. Wos-Oxley, J. Decelle, R. Jáuregui, H. Wang, Z.-L. Deng, I. Plumeier, H. A. Giebel, T. H. Badewien, M. Wurst, D. H. Pieper, M. Simon, and I. Wagner-Döbler; (2016). Bacterioplankton in the Atlantic Ocean: A case study of the distance-decay relationship. Front.Microbiol: 7, 590
  • Wagner-Döbler, I.; (2016). Biofilm transplantation in the deep sea.. Mol.Ecol.: 25, 1905-1907 PubMed
  • Mostaghaci,B.; Loretz,B.; Lehr,C.M.; (2016). Calcium phosphate system for gene delivery: Historical background and emerging opportunities. 22 11, 1529-153313816128 DOI: Article WEBURLS
  • Reck, M. and I. Wagner-Dobler; (2016). Carolacton Treatment Causes Delocalization of the Cell Division Proteins PknB and DivIVa in Streptococcus mutans in vivo. Front.Microbiol: 7, 684
  • Korte,M.; Schmitz,D.; (2016). Cellular and System Biology of Memory: Timing, Molecules, and Beyond. 96 2, 647-693 PubMed
  • Paijo,J.; Doring,M.; Spanier,J.; Grabski,E.; Nooruzzaman,M.; Schmidt,T.; Witte,G.; Messerle,M.; Hornung,V.; Kaever,V.; Kalinke,U.; (2016). cGAS Senses Human Cytomegalovirus and Induces Type I Interferon Responses in Human Monocyte-Derived Cells. PLoS Pathogens: 12 4, e1005546 PubMed
  • Ott,J.J.; Horn,J.; (2016). Changing hepatitis B virus epidemiology in rural China. 16 2, 150 PubMed
  • Verstraelen,H.; Vilchez-Vargas,R.; Desimpel,F.; Jauregui,R.; Vankeirsbilck,N.; Weyers,S.; Verhelst,R.; De,Sutter P.; Pieper,D.H.; Van de,Wiele T.; (2016). Characterisation of the human uterine microbiome in non-pregnant women through deep sequencing of the V1-2 region of the 16S rRNA gene. 4, e1602 DOI: 10.7717/peerj.1602 HZI repository PubMed
  • Chaudhary,N.; Tondel,K.; Bhatnagar,R.; Martins,dos Santos,V; Puchalka,J.; (2016). Characterizing the optimal flux space of genome-scale metabolic reconstructions through modified latin-hypercube sampling. 12 3, 994-1005 PubMed
  • Wollrab,E.; Scherer,S.; Aubriet,F.; Carr q ,V.; Carlomagno,T.; Codutti,L.; Ott,A.; (2016). Chemical Analysis of a ôMiller-Typeö Complex Prebiotic Broth: Part I: Chemical Diversity, Oxygen and Nitrogen Based Polymers. 46 2-3, 149-16901696149 DOI: Article WEBURLS
  • Mohle,L.; Israel,N.; Paarmann,K.; Krohn,M.; Pietkiewicz,S.; Muller,A.; Lavrik,I.N.; Buguliskis,J.S.; Schott,B.H.; Schluter,D.; Gundelfinger,E.D.; Montag,D.; Seifert,U.; Pahnke,J.; Dunay,I.R.; (2016). Chronic Toxoplasma gondii infection enhances beta-amyloid phagocytosis and clearance by recruited monocytes. 4 1, 25 PubMed

Displaying results 1 to 20 out of 5949

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