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Effectiveness of training on antibiotic prescription routine for General Practitioners (GP)


General Practioners (GP) are regularly confronted with the task of deciding on the most appropriate treatment for specific health conditions. This is particularly true for common infections like upper/ lower respiratory tract and urinary tract infections, where the questions arises if an antibiotic should be prescribed and if so, which one would be most appropriate. According to an analysis of health insurance routine data, almost 30% of all antibiotic prescriptions are not necessary (see DAK). At the same time, WHO declared antibiotic resistance as one of the ten most threatening global health problems (see WHO).Treatment with antibiotics is one of the main driving factors responsible for the development of these resistances.

Given that 85% of the antibiotics are prescribed in the outpatient sector (see GERMAP) the project “Effectiveness of training on rational antibiotic management for General Practioners” has been developed. In cooperation with the Hygienenetzwerk Südostniedersachsen, a guideline-based training module on infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract and the urinary tract is offered to GP. The training is held by clinically experienced experts, with interactive elements, taking daily working routine into account. The module is evaluated by the Department for Epidemiology at the HZI. The aim of this scientific evaluation is to determine both the acceptability and the effectiveness of the module. For this purpose, participating GP will be surveyed and routine antibiotic prescription data provided by the AOK Niedersachsen will be analysed.  

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).



PhD-Student involved

Daniela Gornyk (PhD Programme Epidemiology)


  • Dr Stefanie Castell

    Deputy Head of Department Epidemiology and Scientist


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BMG - Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

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