Research Projects (Third party funds)


Impact of viral virulence on neuro-invasion and neuro-pathology caused by tick-borne encephaltitis virus infection

In this project we will analyze how TBEV strains of different pathogenicity affect peripheral and brain-specific antiviral response. By infection of mice we will investigate viral replication and spread. Cytokine, chemokine and interferon response will be determined in the periphery and the central nervous system upon infection. We will investigate differences of cellular tropism upon infection with different virulent virus strains, and how the infection affects induction of innate and adaptive immunity. In addition, brain-region specific antiviral response will be analyzed upon direct infection of the brain to determine the impact on neuropathology. Mice deficient in peripheral or CNS-specific IFN response will provide insight into, how type I IFN response regulates viral replication and spread, neuro-invasion and neuro-pathology. 



Dr. Gerhard Dobler, Institut für Mikrobiologie der Bundeswehr, München

Funding agency

BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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