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Age cohort RESIST – Research to help the most vulnerable

The genetic markers and immunological processes underlying the different susceptibility to infections in old age are only partially understood. Within the framework of "RESIST - Research to help the most vulnerable" we will establish a population-based cohort of mainly older plus a few younger people, which will allow the comparative investigation of the influence of ageing processes on immunological functions in connection with infections by latent-inducing pathogens. For this purpose, excellently characterized patient groups are available in the RESIST network. These groups include patients with diseases of immunological and/or infectious origin.

It is intended to expand these existing patient groups within the framework of RESIST and to add a new comparison group of 650 randomly selected citizens from the greater Hanover area. The latter will be examined and interviewed at the Study Centre of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, located in Hanover.

Comparison groups will consist of international, similarly structured population cohorts, but also of cohorts of sick people; comparisons will also be made within the age cohorts of the participants recruited in Hannover.

We are convinced that the combination of the latest, state-of-the-art methods of molecular genetic and immunological research, together with best-practice epidemiological recruitment and description of prospective cohorts, will enable generalizable comparisons at the population level.

Project Leader

Prof. Schultz, Virologie, MHH
Prof. Werfel, Dermatologie, MHH
Prof. Stangel, Neurologie, MHH

Head of Study Centre in Hannover

Dr. Yvonne Kemmling, HZI

Scientists at HZI

Prof. Dr. Gérard Krause, Dr. Stefanie Castell, Dr. Berit Lange

Funding Agency

Die Arbeit des Exzellensclusters RESIST wird von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG unterstützt (EXC 2155 – Projektnummer 390874280).




Prof. Schultz, Virologie, MHH; Prof. Werfel, Dermatologie, MHH; Prof. Stangel, Neurologie, MHH

Funding agency

DFG - German Research Foundation

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