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Identification and characterization of natural products with activities against tuberculosis

Novel drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) are urgently needed due to the rapid development and spread of multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-Mtb) isolates. Ideally, such candidates would overcome existing resistance mechanisms, be safe in use over prolonged treatment periods, and act synergistically with other clinically used TB drugs. Together with our partners from the University of Cape Town in South Africa we set ourselves to actively search for such molecules from microbial sources and to perform in-depth profiling for some of our already known anti-Mtb molecules.

Within this BMBF-funded project we actively support knowledge transfer between PhD students and young scientists and organize on-site research stays. Students from Saarbrücken assisted with the in vitro characterization of anti-Mtb natural products (e.g. the DnaN inhibitor griselimycin) and students from South Africa worked on the isolation of novel natural products in our laboratories at HIPS.

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