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DZIF TxCohort

Transplant Cohort of the German Center for Infection Research

The DZIF Transplant Cohort is part of the DZIF research field “Infections of the immunocompromised host”, and aims at the establishment of a long-term cohort study with the focus of infectious complications after solid organ or stem cell transplantation.

The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) is in charge of the epidemiological design of the cohort study, and contributes to the TxDZIF research consortium with its expertise in data quality assurance and web-based tools to monitor clinical research (see figure below).

Figure 1 Contribution of the HZI in the DZIF TxCohortIn addition to detailed clinical data collection, intense biosampling is performed, so that predictive markers for immunological and infectious complications can be evaluated. We regularly perform centralized data monitoring, and provide reports to the contributing centres about data quality indicators to detect early data inconsistencies. These reports also provide individual feedback for study nurses and investigators about study performance and suggestions to improve data quality. In focus groups, we assist users to improve data entry in regards to user friendliness. Subsequently, the HZI is the direct link between researchers, software engineers and study nurses.

By February 2018, five research centres are contributing to the consortium, and patients with kidney, lung, prostate, heart, liver and stem cell transplantation are captured in the cohort registry.


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DZIF - German Centre for Infection Research

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